I'm curious to know how many people have met on ep and had a successful relationship? tell me your stories :)
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met at EP in 2011....and in 2013...married


I met someone here ;). We're still working on starting a life together so our story hasn't come to a conclusion yet. But right now things are looking good

4.5 weeks until U-day sweetie ;)!

that's so awesome! do you guys live far apart?

He lives on the other side of the globe hahaha. So to start a life together one of us shall have to move countries. But we have such a strong connection that neither one of us can ignore this. We're both fortunate that we can take some time off of our normal lives. We are gonna spend 3 months together in the summer to fully explore our relationship. We already did some brainstorming about what we are gonna do afterwards and we'll probably do a lot more brainstorming in the summer. The final decision will be made after the summer :).

well best of luck to you two! :)

Thnx :)

this great!
wish you two the best in your loving relationship :)

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Not successful per say but i've gained so many crazy stories because of it. Almost got killed, Robbed, then stalked. Fun times really

wow..that's crazy.. so you got into relationships with some crazy broads...

I didn't know they were until we started going out. ._. Got stranded in the desert, one wanted to be a forced to act like a cat , and many other odd things.

damn.. lol that's interesting

Guilty, sent her a message on Thanksgiving last year asking her if she liked Alice in Chains, she said yep... been talking constantly since. Talking to her right now :)

you must really like that girl :)

Yeah, I do. She's pretty cool! :)

well your pretty cute BTW ??

That's very sweet! You're not too bad yourself! ;)

You should forget that girl and talk to me ??

Wow, I don't know, that girl is pretty damn cute!

I'm better


you sure are ;)

Ok we can talk, she's at work. Making copies or some damn thing....

lol you are a ****

Why I never...! I think you like it!!



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Great question! I wanna know too

me, I live with him :)

that's great! how long have you guys been together?

I did a story on my page about it! met in dec 2014, the 15th :-P skyped 24-7 till july 2015... and its now hehe :-D

Wow, that's really good! Glad it worked out!

Was he from the same country as u??

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I have met others online. There are been bad ones, there have been good ones, and then there have been the really good ones!

did it work did you stay together?