Never Thought About This B4 But....

Both of the relationships I'm in now are with people I met on the internet.  God bless Yahoo.

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*giggles* I think its really sweet how the two of you met. I love the net because (when two people are truly honest) writing one another offers an openness and comfort. It seems you bypas the awkward stage. Well, at least for a little while until you meet face to face. I'm a bit shy. Imagine that!

ex is the operative word huh?

lol Thanks I've never heard that b4

AFAIK = As Far As I Know<br />

Jes, my "paid" chat experiences occurred a long time ago. I couldn't begin to advise you which rooms to visit now.<br />
<br />
I've never heard of AFAIK, but I don't chat much anymore either soooo....

I'm glad you're liking yahoo. I can't make friends with it at all! Too many ads, too much bandwidth. What chat room do you go to that you get get inundated with offers for "paid" chat?<br />
<br />
As a chat service, gmail is far superior, but AFAIK doesn't offer chat rooms.