I Made A Huge Mistake

I started communicating with a guy I met in a crafts chat room.We had alot in common and we had some kind of connection or so I thought.We talked every day in messaging and were really getting to know each other. This went on for months and months  and he told me he was single or I would never have talked to him every day like I did.We hugged and sent kisses to each other all the time and I fell hard. Then all of a sudden he told me he was getting  transferred(he was a soldier in Iraq)to another base that didn't have private internet and so he would chat with me when he could and I accepted that. But I haven't heard from him since and concluded that he just couldn't help it and I would hear from him again sometime soon.Then one day I was on Facebook and lo and behold..there he was listing his status as married.So I looked up his wifes' profile and come to find out they also had three kids! I was just devestated and it still hurts to this day That was back in October and I learned a very painful lesson...that is people can be whoever they want to pretend they are and you must be very cautious who you get involved with.I actually know people who have met online and are now married and very happy but guess it wasn't to be for me.The internet is some tricky stuff.I am far far from naive but a little too trusting at least in this instance I was...NEVER again!!I'm not a stupid person so I can't believe I allowed this to happen.

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

yes thats life - thank you for sharing <br />
we all like to believe we are too smart to let things like that happen...<br />
we like to think we are intelligent and wont get played for the fool - not only in love but at work, the bank, etc...

thank you for your kind words.I am sort of mad at myself but I did learn from it and that's just life isn't it !

Dont beat your self up it could of happend to anyone you have learned from this painfull lesson and in time it will make you a stronger person good luck.