It's Only The Hurt Talking...

 I just loved reading what he wrote Threw a flirt his way and all of a sudden he was loving me.He had said from the start he was leaving,  Things could never be repaired she had made him feel unwanted for too many years.How many times did I ask him:"Are you sure?" before I let myself believe. He made all kinds of promises and then what do you know...promises were just dreaming out loud,love professed was just a fondness for a friend and the rest was not even reality because after all it was online. He made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided it was easier to hurt me than to move forward with his hopes and dreams. I hope he regrets it every time he reaches for her and she pulls away,every time she walks right past his open arms to ***** he never does anything right and when he hears a Harley going down the road I hope his heart aches for the freedoms and fun times he will never have but i do.

34Einnor 34Einnor
Feb 15, 2010