I Love Him

 IM in love with An Guy . He is my sister brother. but we not Real Family. we best Friends.. we talking about the ex now.. lol.. well we never met yet. he was always telling me we would met but we haven't.. The way we talked he makes me make me want him more.. i know i feel more than i should. but i get told we in love. i know the way i do. but i think i do. because i told him im wanting to married him. but we dated all summer to DEC 24.. and the Fist time i Talked to him . we just hit over just like pea and pie.. At the moment i knew he is going to be my husband. but when he got sick we didn't talk alot. its just made not want nothing together. and its just so bad because  now we don't talk all. but i know when i last talked to him . he missing us being together. and i do... i let him go and now im wanting him back. but im not sure how i can. he had to move to boot camp. an we promise each other that we always be Friends.. But i want more than Friends. and hes in AZ in boot camp and no one will tell me what boot camp or anything. or even his last name so im suck in here. but when i don't talk to him. i don't feel happy or even want to do anything.. i really want to fly there so i can See him. i don't care if i don't have no freedom or even love. but he is my world. im starting to think im giving up on life . i keep thinking about kill my self. and everyone tell me its puppy love. but its NOT to Me... some month i got told he Cheat on me! and then the girl was suppose have an Baby..! i Cry for Hours And one Day. and until one day he told me the truth. and he didn't never lie to me. but he suppose to go navy when he turn 18 and that in April. and i Feel like i should stop him but i cant bec i love him..


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18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010