What Kills Me

 this person i fell for over the internet. i really like her its been a a few months since we met and from the first time i talked         to her i really felt i made a true friend. the more i talked to her the more i started to like her. it didnt take long untill i ended up falling in love with her. theres so many things shes done to me that i dont understand why i still love her.theres been a time where she didnt talk to me for a whole month. it hurt me so much to find someone u finally think you can trust then to have them do something like that to you. i really wish that it would be possible to meet this person and see them in real life because every day i dont get to talk to them it just kills me inside...

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Be careful. I fell for someone on line, but she never loved me. Wishful thinking kept my hopes alive for far too long.

I didn't know that this person was 16-17 years old, lady is right, go out there and find yourself a girl. My word man you are too young to be girl hunting online, unless there are no options in the gene pool in your town, go and find your girl

Good advice indeed, LadyA...

It easy to get caught up in the circle, there can be alot of reasons, even the ones others mentioned. Perhaps she is being careful and watching what your activities are on here. Don't be overbearing and send too many messages to her. Let her responde in her own time, if she is what you think or hope to be, then you will need to waite, if not then start over

I know just how you feel....and have written stories on this site about my affair with Allenw/Bruce...don't ignore the red flags like I did....pay attention when someone shows you who they are...it's probably just the tip of the iceberg, like it was for me...be very careful...I wish you much luck in dealing with this..

I bet you are a lonesome person, Falling in love online is dangerous, I always ask myselfe when I hear people say that,, are they really in love or in love with the thought of being in love. I know there are alot of lonesome people on here, and there is something intriguing about talking to someone far away and there are feelings that you get. But I think it is more of a hopeful fulfillment than actually falling in love.

Honestly if someone refuses to talk to you for a month, then something is not right there and they obviously do not care about you much. Be careful not to get played.

Careful guy. Take it slow! So many people on here aren't what they seem because it's so easy to be anyone you want! Best of luck to you. <br />
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Try searching for your online friends closer to home so that you can actually meet them -- and make sure you let someone know when you're planning to meet a person in real life that you first met online. Ya never know -- there are some scary people out there. Stay safe, and guard that heart! It's got EONS of love left to give away! ;-)