I Know It Wont Work

?I met this girl online I think I am in love with her.  ITs crazy we have not met and she is much younger than me - 111 years.  We chat all the time and I know she cares for me, but falls so easily for other guys.  We are not in the same country and she is having sex with other guys - I cannot provide that right now obviously.  I know that it will never work, and thought I got her out of my head, but she is now "dating" a guy online and plans to meet him one day (we still plan to meet up too).  I cant get her out of my head! 

kingofnothing kingofnothing
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

If you are 30 and she is 19, that is acceptable. If you are 26 and she is 15, that is NOT acceptable . . . .

ok she is 11 years younger, not 111! I have a friend who has 16 yeaqrs gap and get on so well, and my cousin has 11 years, parents 8... so the age gap although makes me think I dont think matters... I know if we meet up that we will get on great even if nothing happens. <br />
I guess I dont understand the lots of guys thing as I never did the "see how many girls you can make out with in one night" game...

Sounds like you are digging yourself a grave.