**** This

if she was black or hispanic no one would care

the media is using this to deter people from thinking about the upcoming presidential election and the current financial and economic crisis our country is in

people die everyday, **** this

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10 Responses Oct 2, 2008

how do we know this little girl was just white? florida is a very diverse state generally speaking you don't know who's what and just because someone looks a certain way and has a more american sounding name does not mean they are white. and either way a child died when its about a child race should not be a factor, if this child were black or hispanic, it would have gotten the same attention, but the parent involved would have just been thrown in jail and less rights than casey anthony had, why? because blacks and hispanics have undiagnosed underlying mental illnesses they're less quick to get help due to the natural distrust of a generally white run society. The reason casey had a chance to be heard and many other whites were because they had documented mental illness prior to the crime. let's face the fact here...would anyone normal murder a child? a mother? their own flesh and blood? with blacks and hispanics they typically assume drugs involved and or associate it with ignorance and poverty.

This is the most disgusting story I've read on EP. I am so glad the original writer of it is gone, because you are scum, and everyone who commented on this story in agreeance with the writer is a piece of **** too. How can anyone say "**** this ****" to an innocent child dying?? I am so sick of the race card being pulled when a child goes missing. Red and yellow, black and white... All children are precious in His sight.

I hate nancy grace

"like how all of America gets distracted when a cute white girl dies"

She is an entertainer and an advocate.

is she meant to be a news reader?<br />
she doesnt seem like one.... http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/nancy.grace/<br />
<br />
bit cold case meets brasseye or the day today. all very dramatic and crap.<br />
<br />
news readers should be just that, someone who reads the news, not television personalities. appart from Trevor McDonald because hes awesome.

maybe it is at least one of them, Msterling.<br />
<br />
I don't excatly see here that way. I think she is passionate, and I like that in a person.

i remember Sarah Payne going missing when I was in primary school, I think.... terrified me for years...

If I were a child today, I would be very scared and worried until I made it to the age where I wasn't so easily killed...<br />
Gotta love Nancy Grace though...

agreed. every day kids go missing. if they happen to be from a white middle class family, with blond hair, rich upstanding parents, and winning smile, you get plastered all over the news and every tom **** or harry claims to have know you. if you're ugly you can just **** right off. <br />
<br />
im not saying we shouldnt care about these kids. but ify u're going to care for one you really should make the effort to care for them all.