The Notebook

A love that traveled through time from teen-age years to old age...365 love letters were written and sent to her but went unread while she waited for 7 years.. as they met again and blamed each other, longing buried in the heart  and past memories pulled them together to be in each other's arms...lost memories  which she had  written on the notebook was being reminded by her lover each day, tirelessly...until they died together in sleep..endless love.

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hahaha...yeah right!..I'll bring some roll of tissues as well coz in the end we might shed some touching

I watched this movie three times...and when I feel so emotional I also go to this post of mine to listen to the song while watching the teaser on the video reminding me that true love still exists even if only in movies like this. <br />
<br />
I envy the girl because she had a faithful man who loved her endlessly..the ending made me cry because they shared so much in life and even death never made them apart because they welcome it together with open arms.

I really enjoyed this, now I want to watch the movie again and be sad and happy all at once...<br />
Love the song too...<br />
Thank you friend, for sharing this...

am loveless that's why I want to be inlove through movies, at least. and your woman would really be so glad to be wrapped in your sweet arms while you watch such classic movie. I envy her, FL

Classic love stories like this are so beautiful to read about and to watch on the screen. It's sad to think of them as the "good old days", but today's fast paced society has made even the simple love letter obsolete. We send email, e-cards, instant mesages, text messages, post on FB, and tweet. But I still love to lie in bed, curl up with my special lady, and turn on the TV and watch movies like this all night long. Thanks for posting all these summaries to remind us of how love used to be.