While You Were Sleeping

I fell in love with this movie especially because it was portrayed by my favorite actors: Sandra Bullock and my forever dream man, Bill Pullman (oh my, I melt with his eyes!)....Anyways, about the movie----The older brother was her love at first sight who made her heart jumped everyday as he went to her booth before getting on a train. He met an accident, became comatose. ..his family thought she was the fiancee...she got closer to the younger brother  who became her love at second sight. They fell in love accidentally...in the end he gave her a ring at her booth instead of a coin..the older  brother  became conscious,asking "how do you two people fell in love?"  the exact answer "while you were sleeping"... dreamy love story....true love finds ways at the time we least expect it.

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my gosh..you are my woman-soulmate...I love them both..and I watched almost all of their movies!<br />
well, that says alot why we do really connect my best woman friend here @ EP

Ah....one of my old favorite's too.."While you were sleeping." I have it on VHS and DVD. Sandra Bullock is also one of my favorite actresses! I think I have just about every movie she's ever made (she and Julia Robert's!)