The best movie soundtrack ever...I was 18 years old when I watched this movie in the theater and after two decades, I still cannot forget it...I even had my daughter's hair done like that of demi moore two weeks ago and when I showed her from whom did we copy her haircut..she gave me the best I called her demi.

She was disappointed because she never heard him say I love you, but only the word "ditto". Until an ugly death separated them. His love was eternal. The story conveyed a life learning lesson  for me:  never be selfish to say the word 'I love you' to someone you really love before it's too late that they won't hear it alive.


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am smiling at you...good thing you didn't say "ditto"..coz I am not a fan of that word.

I was going to say "Ditto" to your comments. Yes i agree totally with you on all counts.