You've Got Mail

This is dedicated to all EP users...Anyone can relate to the main characters, isn't it?
>>.They were internet buddies using pseudonyms like shopgirl and NY152 but never thought that in real life they were business rivals. Her little cozy bookstore  will be closed because of him. He built a very huge 'you've got it all' bookstore mall a few feet away from hers.  She was venting out all her frustration to him, never knowing that her enemy and her internet friend was one and the same. They agreed to first meet in a restaurant waiting for him with a book and a rose, he was late and discovered finally that shopgirl and the lady who hated him in person was not a different woman. He still went inside but never revealed anything. Through the passing days, he made his way closer to her heart  until the final time came...a tearful romantic ending.


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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I absolutely love this movie.

you's one of my favorites..I don't tire of watching it over and over again..hahahaha

thanx for posting this..i will watch this movie..