The Lake House

Love transcends time...They were living in different years but had lived at the same house, had the same dog. He was the architect who built the condo where she lived and she was the doctor who lost him in her hands. They connected trough letters. He realized they already met several times in the past, he even danced and kissed her on her birthday and she discovered that he was the man who met an accident a day before they agreed to meet that's why he never showed up. How can you save your lover from dying in your own hands?...Simply through letters...A miracle of love

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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010 is captivating!

ohh..yes..this movie was amazing!..and I love the scene when they danced on her birthday, especially the music that was played "this has never happened before".,I wanted to slow dance with that music..perfect!

I planned to see this movie seem from long long ago. The story was from a Korea film named . Aslo a moved movie.i guess you ll like it too!