When i met this little toe head i couldn't help but love him! He was 12 and his step dad an ***! Momma found the strength one day to beat him the way he did her inspite of what we later found was terminal cancer!Garett was always with Joel and I , poor kid! He was the epitome of the dumb blonde at first cute ! He was so frightened when his mom was diagnosed ,I told him i know you are frightened and we are here but you will regret it if you let the fear win and lose this time with your mom! You are always wellcome in our home but your family needs you as well as you need them! He wanted me to let him live with us when she passed , i had promised Joel no more and in light of the situation it was the right thing to say no! Believe me or i would have let him stay!He is a beautiful young man and was a beautiful child ...We were blessed!I  called for New Years,he said I Love You the world turns in this babies eyes as well as mine!
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He made it so easy , the heart of this child golden!