I'm Inlove With My Teacher

 It's been 2 month now since I felt this. I know it's wrong to feel the way that I do. I mean he's a teacher at the school I'm currently attending at. At first I thought it was admiration...but time passed and I couldn't stand a day not seeing him... Well basically he's not a subject teacher of mine. He teaches freshmen students while I'm a graduating fourth year student... The thought of graduating soon kinda make me lonely... He's an English teacher whom everyone respects.. He's cool and talented and most of all he make my heart raise all the time. Just thinking of him make me go haywire the more when I see him. It all started last September... He became a sub teacher to us and I just couldn't help but admire him. Then weeks went by and I asked myself: "Is it really admiration that you feel? If it is then tell me why you like him" ... I couldn't give myself any respond.. And in the end, there's nothing I can do but admit to myself how madly I'm in love with him. We're not that close and don't share anything special... I know I'll just be watching him from afar but still I intend to keep this feelings of mine... It's giving me a hard time but I'm still happy for what I feel... And I've decided to confess to him on the day of my graduation... I don't want to leave my school having regrets, so I want to tell him at least how I feel... I don't know how I'll do it or how he's gonna react either. But I know for sure that after 4 months, he'll know that a student love him... so much....
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1 Response Nov 28, 2011

Mmm good idea but yea show him some things . I mean stare at him and develop a good relationship with him , sit with him in breaks , talk about anything :) eyes can tell what you feel , believe me ;)
good luck and am here if you wanna talk :)