An Angel Or The Devil? (part 1) The Continuing Love Story.

Hello, I am new to the experience group so I might make a a few mistakes on this or my future stories so please bare with me and feel free to point out my mistakes.Now to the story -

Have you ever felt like you were saved just to be damned again? That's what this story i feel is like. A girl who gives you anew life and then toys with it. A person who gives you a breath of air and makes you want to like to be with them and only them regardless the consequences.

On an average night on facebook I was feeling ecstatic and one of my classmate was online. She sent me a message,we rarely chat even in school but this felt different. We talked a bit, flirted back and fourth until she unexpectedly asked if I had a cellphone.I was taken a back especially when she said that she had a vibe about me and our conversation.She gave me her number and I immediately texted her. We texted throughout the night(literally). We talked about the basic stuff, our families, friends , interests and the kind of people we want to fall for. Until we decided to call it a night ( at 5 in the morning). I have never had this experience of texting for this long with someone, nor have I texted so fast and deeply. After calling it night as I woke up I thought "well that was fun I guess she has forgotten me." Until I saw my phone later in the day,she had texted me. I was astonished. This was the start of something I had never dreamt of.

As the months past we continued talking about a lot of things, she asked me questions which were intriguing and were the kind I loved to answer. She was smart as hell, kind and caring. The kind of girl I pictured falling for. We texted for at-least 10 hours a day. We never seemed to stop (at-least I felt like that). She used to text me as soon as she got back from her school and until she fell asleep on her bed.Or I would shoot her a text when she was back. She was the first girl I talked about sex with. The funny thing was she started it. I enjoyed her dirty talk, it was so refreshing. We had fun texting and teasing each other. We called each other a few times as well,she called me first a couple of days after we started texting. But I had to ask her if she was free to talk on the phone as she would not pick up her phone.Her family was protective as she put it about her talking to guys. I honestly loved the way she laughed and I best to keep her laughing. She kept asking me to put up a picture of myself on facebook ( I had my own inhibitions about it) and we joked that if was in her house watching her sleep she would scream ( a twilight reference). On her birthday she told me she was mad I fell asleep at midnight instead of calling her and wishing her but I texted her at the last minute of her birthday saying I didn't want to be the first person to wish her but the last. She said it was something thoughtful but she also said I was smart for making an excuse for falling asleep teasingly.We decided to meet for the first time at the local mall.I asked her in the middle of the night as I was playing a computer game ( I did pause it to text her) to meet me there after her school was over. She told me to she would text me as soon as her school was over. As she said good night I decided to hit the sack as well.It was 3 a.m, I needed my sleep to look my best for tomorrow. I had seen her picture on facebook and i did remember how she looked from school but she told me she had seen me but she didn't remember my face that well. I could not sleep that night. I stay awake till 5 dreaming how it would be to see her. Look at her face for the first time in a long time. Enjoy her laugh in person.

I hope you guys don't fell like I am leaving it at a cliffhanger but my mom is calling me for lunch, I'll get back to this asap.Thank you for reading it. I greatly appreciate this. All feedback is welcome.
FirstLore FirstLore
18-21, M
May 15, 2012