I Love Him, He Hates Me Probably, And My Friend Is Being A Jerk

 Okay I will be changing the names. One day at school , this boy named Paul had to sit next to my friend India and I. Well, over a couple of weeks, I realized I was starting to like him a lot. During class one afternoon we were all talking about angels. He said, " well I'm your guardian angel. I had said, " You would even fly over the Ocean when you were in England to save me from falling off a cliff in the United States". Paul said, " Yes I would." Him saying that made me really happy. It was before Christmas break and I decided to tell him. So I did, but he didn't say anything. Again after Christmas break I told him. Still no answer. He was slowly killing me inside. Making my mind go crazy. But I stayed strong. We got along not to well after I said anything ,but we were still friends. I should have kept my mouth shut. Soon enough his birthday came. I made a card for him. Everybody was crowding him so I couldn't hand it to him. Then a day after everything got worse. He started dating this girl named Lauren who I don't like that much. My whole world came down around me. I don't know how I managed to survive that. Anyway by now my friend India had found out I liked him. She wasn't very supportive of it. Like when I asked her if it was true that Paul and Lauren were going out she told me to get over him. I thought she was supposed to be my friend. Closer to my birthday in April he broke up with Lauren. I was cheering at home, but felt bad for Lauren at the same time. Also me and him brought cupcakes to school for our birthday even though his over. Conicidence or not? I don't know. Now it is closer to the end of school and Paul probably still doesn't like me. India has still been the same way. She told me in the beginning of May that Paul liked her and a girl named Alyssa. Should I belive her?? I think she likes him. We only have 6 days left until school is let out. I need answers from him. He hates me probably. I don't know. I'm going crazy about him. Sometimes I just want to break away. I've cried very little to be be strong but tears always threaten to fall. What should I do??

( Please comment on what should I do )
ZoeLove ZoeLove
13-15, F
May 15, 2012