Always Be Down

when i met him, i fell in love. It was fast; it was real. It was 5 years ago. He made everyday amazing, I wore a smile every day and he made sure of it. it may sound dumb, but i swear on everything its real. i love Jesse more and more every day. Even if he hasn't been here since 2010, i'll love him with all my heart until the day i die. I don't mind holding Us down on my own for now. He's the only one who matters in the world<3 he held us down while he was on the outs, Now I have to step up as His Girl and hold us down one my own for now. But i know we can make it. i'll do anything to keep the title of His Girl, and i'm not giving up for anyone. He's the most amazing dude i ever met. He's so dangerous; i knew he was trouble. i didn't care though. I knew i met him for a reason. and i now know i was meant for him, God keeps our relationship strong and we'll get through this. It's not easy for me though. at all. I miss him so much..he never leaves my mind. its like he's embeded in my thoughts. and i don't mind it, i care for him so much it hurts me. I used to cry for him every day. But i realized it wasnt helping anyone, so i bucked up. I'm still sad with out him. but i gotta hold us down. i havent seen him in what will be two years in june. the last time i saw him was on my birthday (june 2 2010) it kills me to not be with him, i'm not yet 18, so i can not make any visits. but i write him all the time. i cant wait to check the mail, read his letter& write back to him, i'd never leave him! I know we just have to be patient, i'l get to hold his hand again one day. and the next time its for good. We'll get on track and make our lives together the best even though we may argue, we get over it. its nothing we cant work out. He has 6 or 7 more years to serve.. But i really mean it when i say i love him, he's my best friend who i wouldn't leave behind for the world; he is my world. He's always been a huge part in my life. tried to send me down a positiv road. helping me in school, pushing me and supporting me. He wanted me to be better than him, he dropped out of school and never graduated. (he recently got his GED! congratulations Babe!) he also helped me with my boxing, he was into it too. i remember all kinds of crazy things we used to do.. from playing video games, to going to thhe duck park to surprise camping trips to just sleeping on his couch. he used to climb in my window late at night, we'd stay up until 5 in the morning knowing i had school in 3 hours. he was worth it though.. One time we even built his dog a dog house! :D sometimes i dream of him. they feel so real i have him back for a short while, i always tell him how much i love him, he says the same.. and just as fast as the dream starts, it ends and he's ripped away from me.all i have now are photos and memories, mixed with day dreams, how i miss his touch. every curve of his face, his scent, the last time i had a dream about him, i had a dream he was laying next to me as we fell asleep, telling eachother how much we mean to eachother, sharing our love. and when i woke up i rolled over to kiss him good morning and remembered where he's at.. it felt SO real. i even caught his scent for a little. i miss him so much and love him with all my heart..I can't wait until i finaly get to see him. i'll be waiting for him with open arms.. I can't wait for my HunnyyBear to come home where he belongs. i'll always be his PrettyyPrincess<3
JessesPrincess9508 JessesPrincess9508
18-21, F
May 23, 2012