The One Who Found Me

In the beginning of my 9th grade year I met this boy, lets call him "A". He was a very interesting person, I mean I've been asked out a lot but it just didn't click so i rejected them all but him... he was very persistent i guess you could say. Hell he even asked me out like 3 weeks after knowing each other and i didn't flat out reject him like i did to all the other guys. How can I say it, it was just this feeling and I knew i was in love with him, it took me a few days to come to that conclusion but i was scared he was gonna hurt me see i fell in love another time before but A's attraction to me was way stronger. But due to the previous one and many other things that happened I have created a diamond fortress around my heart and refused to ever fall in love again but A was just so, he just went straight through and captured my heart so easily. I denied the fact i could be in love with him for a semester (im in high school :P and yes you can fall in love so don't be hating) until when a friend of mine said "you know when you're in love with someone when you can't stop thinking about them, you always want to be around them, you can't help but care about them, and you can accept them no matter what" this happened on December 2, 2012. I would do whatever I could to be with him even if a few of my friends disliked him, i would hang out with him at the schools football games, free time, and i would be texting him day and night. Apparently (from what i heard from his sister) He's bee hurt badly and is socially awkward/outcast but he's done well to be how he is now. I can't help but think at how amazing he is. He asked me out like 5 times (over text) and then on his 6 try (in person) the 3 of december i couldnt help it and i caved in and said "sure" He found me. He accepted the way i was (for most of the part cuz well now im single) he gave me that attention i always wanted, he made sure i was okay and had that playful side i love, said the weirdest/cheeziest/random comment that just made me happy that i met him. He tried to get me to date him from first quarter to second, and thats when i couldn't resist. I still do love him you see, i've never met anyone who "found me" he never gave up and kept trying and i miss him greatly but well today is the last day of school and he graduates tomorrow... so i don't think i'll ever find someone this amazing in years to come
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update 6/14/12 
haha so i just thought it would be funny to add this in that i left out. So his sister and him don't get along very well but his sister and I became pretty good friends. When the sister found out about us dating (she's a year older than me, 2 years younger than her brother) she screamed like louder than I've ever heard her, it was funny as hell. She was like "YOU'RE DATING MY BROTHER!!!!? MY BROTHER?!!!!!!" with the look of disbelief on her face. Her brother wasn't with me, he was sitting a few benches down and well it's ice palace (loud over there xD ) . So coincidently i remember the song "you're love is my drug" by kesha and well it's unfortunate at how I now look back and even now realize at how true that song was for me. Shoot even before that day when he asked me out in Ice palace and well...a lil over 4 months after we ended :/
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May 25, 2012