Camp Cornet Bay Councilers Training 2005

That is where I first laid eyes on my Husband to be. It was also the weekend before my 17th birthday. I had so much fun with all the innocent flirting I was doing (it was innocent because I had a boyfriend at the time). This one guy apperantly didn't know it was innocent but it wasn't long before my mom and him were talking back and forth via e-mail so he ended up at my birthday party the very next weekend, my boyfriend was there too. *akward face* He gave me his # and stuff.

Then when I had already called him atleast once he called me back and asked me out. I said yes even though I was already dating somone he knew that but didn't tell me untill just recently. Then our first date was to the swap meet. I loved the swap meet. I spent all night geeting ready then at about 2am I fell asleep, hair all done and everything. When I woke up he still hadn't arrived so I had a chance to re-pamper myself and such.

Then we went on a wonderful date at what now is a lowes *sigh* and he was picked up by his dad and went home. Since then we've had a countless number of dates and we just celebrated out 3 yeear anniversary last month. I fell head over heels for him and I'm still falling off of the cloud I found him on.

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i am glad you are happy with him , vinny