A Lion Rider

I read the things she wrote.  The way she cherishes her joy.  She helped me see myself in a different perspective.  She made me see that I am not broken, but that I am wonderful, even my for my anger, the thing I hated most about myself.

I wandered hopelessly from person to person, giving myself so openly, only to find people who sucked the life out of me and made me feel like my compassion meant nothing.  Then said she: your love for people and for life is beautiful.  She admired that which I loved most about myself - that which I sometimes doubt about myself.  She recognized it, and I knew it was real.  I knew it was there, because I trusted her.  She showed me that my anger was a manifestation of this.

I saw the way she lived in her feelings.  I saw how they enveloped her.  It inspired me.  It enveloped me, as well, and I fell for her, thoughtless to consequence.  I dove into it, head falling first, tumbling through a rainbow-colored sea.  I knew that I had discovered a gift in her that would always be hers.

We poeticly expressed ourselves to each other.  Love ran from our fingertips into songs, helpless to reason.  We sacrificed.  We explored.  We pushed the envelope of this new world we had discovered together with excitement.

In time, we met each other and shared the most loving and beautiful things that I never thought could exist.  She turned fantasy into reality.  Colors became brighter.  The wind felt more like a caress.  The world felt more like home.

We fought with eachother, afraid of a disconnect, determined to show our true colors.

Whether near or far, it will always stay with me.  I could never feel this way about someone else.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

That's beautiful. You seam to understand what situation I had been through. The fact that I was also in the same position .... dating whatever I could get. Because I thought that was all I could get. Im glad to understand now that I don't have to settle for just that.

So are you still together? I'm in a very similar situation where I've found someone who has removed most self doubt and is the most supportive and loving person and I've fallen in love with him.... I just want some hope. There's so little out there for good strong relationships...

I said our songs were helpless to reason, but I think I meant that they were unable to be affected by reason...