Funny Story Lol

One day my cowrkers and I, went to the movies after work to see dodgeball with Vince Vaughn.  That movie was hilariously funny.  I didn't realize how much pop I drank and I had to run to the bathroom.  So when I ran in I didn't realize the seat was up.  I fell in the toilet.  I than said outloud HOLY ****!  When I came out of the stall I didn't realize that my co-workers heard me and they knew that I fell in.  My boss was in the stall next to me and the other co-worker was in the other one next to me.  They heard when I fell in.  They were laughing so hard they started crying.  I was so embarresed because I fell in the toilet.  Now I kind of laugh about the hole situation.  It was funny.  But embarrasing. 

zoigirl zoigirl
31-35, F
Apr 16, 2008