Confuse And Slipping Away

I've married for almost 5 years now. I am currently away from my husband, working in a different country. I met my husband when I was broken hearted. I was just on the process of moving from my last relationship that took 5 years. I don't know how did it happen but I guess he became my rebound during those times. Most of my relationship I have loved more than they loved me. But, things changed with my husband he loves me more than I love him. I think that is one of the reason why I started to love him as well. He made me feel important and cared for. I don't know maybe I'm just away or bored or lonely but I started not to miss him. I think I should feel like I miss him that I should feel like going home everytime but I felt differently. Yes, I am bored and lonely but I want to make friends or go out with somebody. I haven't done it. But I was just hoping that I do not meet anyone. I don't want to ruin my marriage. We have a daughter who is incredibly beautiful and intellegent, I don't want to hurt her. The feeling is like this, I think I can live with my husband hating but not my daughter. I wish things will change.
confuseandlonely confuseandlonely
1 Response May 15, 2011

Know your limits.. Sometime distance is a killer. There is Skype or the internet!! Ring him up to say HI!!!