Feeling Lots

I am so glad I have found this site.....I have fallen out of love with my husband of 5 years in Oct.  We have been together 6 years and have 3 children....I fell out of love about a year ago...I told him about 5 months ago and he was so hurt and tried so hard that I decided to stick it out, and try a little harder..well now I know I cannot live like this...life is too damn short.  He is quite a bit older then me, and I am now realizing what everyone warned me about... He is very jealous and controlling, whenever I say anything about working outside of the home or going back to school he comes up with a million reasons why it isnt a good idea, I have no money and the car is in his name.... I have no friends b/c when we first got together I was happy to be with him ALL the time...he still wants it that way and I have finally realized it is not healthy at all.  I am scared to leave b/c when I said I was going to 5 months ago he instantly changes from who he is to someone I wouldnt ever want to meet...he threatens he will take the kids and I would never get custody...he taunts me like I am a child saying "where are you going to go?' "whats your plan?" I have finally decided I am leaving...I have started sending my resume out and I am looking for a place to live so that I do have a plan....I haven't said anything to him yet but when I do I am hoping he will just realize what I have...staying married when you are not in love is a waste...and I don't think thats any better for the kids then a divorce is.  Well that is my story and hopefully next time I post one it will be that I am on my own.....wish me luck!!!

acarrier acarrier
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2009