I Fell Through a Black Hole

Dont it suck when your just sooo lost, you cant find your way, you dont wanna talk to anyone and the only feeling you have is HATE........................well at the time i made this group i fell through a black hole. A black hole in my life, where nothing was going right, everything was just so wrong. Like for instance, im in love with my bestfriend but drove him away because i was indenial that was a mistake, i got pregnant but hated the bastard who knocked me up, uh my boss was pushing me around, my boyfriend was an ******* and i wished he would grow up, my mate went into hospital, my grandad almost died, my aunty did die, my cousin was in a car accident, mr brother got hit by a car, my sister was beaten up by the cops and the local cops decided to go on a "kill-everyones-dogs" day and so they shot my puppy. Yea i fell through one big black hole, i mean what i have just said was the beginning of it all, because after that it just went downhill. I was on the wrong path. Lost direction, and gee did i hate everything. So thats basicly the start of why i called this group what i called it. Hope that makes you feel better.

honeyd honeyd
18-21, F
Oct 24, 2006