Fall With Serious Injury

Two weeks ago I fell and landed on my shoulder abd broke it but the worst part of it is at the ball joint  it has fallen two below my shoulder.  The only thing that is keeping my arm on is muscle, ligaments and skin.   Doctors are trying to wait four weeks and see if it corrects itself, if not then on the 23rd.  they will decide on surgery, and of all things it is my left and I'am a full southpaw.  The greatest thing is that my two boys step up to the plate and has taken care of me.  I stayed at their house in SC for two weeks and they have since brought me home sand have returned to their loving families.  My husband will be home tonight and he will take vacation and help me.  I ask today for your prayers and support.  This going to be a long haul.

snippy820 snippy820
56-60, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

Say no more. You have my support and prayers. I hope that you make a speedy recovery! It sounds really painfull. Sending you my best wishes.<br />
Love Debby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx