Met A Guy On Craigslist In Des Moines

We met at a Hy Vee parking lot. I got into his car on the floor with the steering wheel in the up position. I then un did his belt,u did his pants,un zipped his pants. I then pulled his **** and balls out and started licking then sucking his balls. I did that for about 10 minutes, then started licking up the shaft of his ****. I licked all around the head before I started to take his **** into my mouth. I took his **** as far as I could licking his shaft as I took him into my mouth. Then I started going up and down his **** licking all the way. After 5 minutes he said he was going to *** and said he wants to *** on my face. I took his **** out of my mouth and kept my mouth open to catch some of his ***. He then shot a nice load on my face and some in my mouth.He told me to lick his *** off his **** then use his **** to clean the *** off my face and lick that off.
ssdsmguy ssdsmguy
56-60, M
Dec 9, 2012