I Felt Alone As A Child.

I was always very different and had quite a sheltered life. Most of my memories were with grandparents or at home. I didn't spend time with many friends outside of school, and people always gave me odd looks. I grew up in Catholic schools for 9 years not knowing much of the outside world. If I was with anyone, it was mostly my brother's friends (who is about 7 years older than me. I grew up in a certain manner and didn't have much of my own opinion on how I was really. I became very independent and enjoy being by myself. Even today I still don't like being with people my age. I prefer either older or younger just like in my younger years. I grew up with a sister with special needs and a caring heart. Quite sensitive to many things and respectful of others. I feel quite a bit understood, but I enjoy almost every minute of my life just the same.
BreatheInLifeXo BreatheInLifeXo
Jan 9, 2013