My 18th Birthday Was The Worst.

It's been about 6 months since my 18th.
I changed school by then, all my close friends are having their mocks so it's only natural that I can't celebrate it with them. The thing that sucks is the friend I had for the longest, 10 years + was so indifferent about it. She thinks birthday are useless and materialistic. Sure I mean I think they are depressing, I find the birthday song depressing.. But she did not even greet me with just a simple sentence "Happy Birthday." anyways I already have up on this person, not like she cares or anything.

I was forced to have lunch with my mom and dad who were divorced and someone I hate. My sister bailed on me.
Then I said I wanted to go somewhere indicating I want to be alone, my mom just wouldn't get it, she insisted to be with me. Now call me anything you want, I hated it, I wanted to be alone so badly. I was already about to be attacked by emotional breakdown.

All I ever wanted on 18th birthday was to be alone, leave this depressing teen alone!!

And yes, about the topic, I felt alone yet I wanted to be alone. Why? Because everyone just doesn't understand me, they are all very shallow, they that and that is that, they never try to understand what's deep inside.

Thank you for listening. Finally got it out.

KuroBara KuroBara
18-21, F
May 14, 2012