My birthday is really the 27th of's coming up. But I had a small get together Friday. I invited over 30 "friends" out of everyone I had invited 1 showed- besides my family members who decorated for me. I was so excited the 2 weeks prior, coming up to my big party! I sat in denial watching the time making excuses for every person that did not show and said they did. My family members kept asking me where everyone was. I was sure they would be there. They were probably just late....I texted a couple "friends" I got no replies.....some people say being alone is the worst....but when you're surrounded by so many but still feel lonely...that's a problem. whats wrong with me? why didnt anyone show? why was i so excited? I ended up coming home at 11:00pm...before midnight..and crying.....I don't even feel like talking to anyone ever again.
Jackiebh Jackiebh
26-30, F
Aug 24, 2014