Nice Guys Finish Last

I worked on my birthday and somehow managed to lose my car keys at work.  The annoying old guy ended up taking me home to my empty apartment.  Since I can't use my car, my ex picked up our son from daycare and has him all night.  So I am sitting in my apartment all alone talking to friends oh the phone and on the internet, and none of them mention my birthday or stopping by.  I mean, I got a lot of "Happy Birthday"s and such, but my few friends who I consider to be my closest, who I have done so much for, don't want to come over.  It's fine, it's just a birthday.  I am much more concerned about my son's birthday.  I just feel used.  They come to me for everything, and I want to feel special sometimes too.  But it's ok.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

It's my birthday today. And i'm alone again. It sucks. So it's not okay, but it will be. So happy birthday a little late to you and happy birthday to me. We have survived another year! :)