The Place I Was Meant To Be

Exhilaration of joy came through me!

I was on vacation in Jamaica with my wife and children, we were staying at a brand new resort. This resort stood alone, by itself, we did not see any other development of any kind within our sites. The location of this resort had been the first built on the opposite side of the island hundreds of miles away from the more well known tourist areas.

Setting up our vacation, and knowing this information I felt it could be a unique experience, but did not realize how unique it would actually become.

While staying at the resort we had a great time, the activities along with things to do were typical of most resorts. During the middle of the week it was suggested for all who wished to come, join the hosts of the resort for a two mile path walk through the uninhabited jungle over to a private beach area they had set up for us. I am such a Nature-lover, I was thrilled to go and was able to talk my family into going. We had a great time while being there, and when it was time to head back to the resort, we were given a choice to go back by vehicle or boat.

With I being a Nature-lover I had asked if I could walk back, I wanted to walk the coast line. It was stated by the host with some hesitation “are you sure, if you really want to it will be about a ten mile walk”, for me I thought it would be even more of an adventurous walk, so I said yes!

As I started walking the coastline I did not see any human life, I was alone, only me and earth. Along the way I saw many items that were washed up ashore, in my thoughts these items may have come from ship wrecks, or for what ever reason these items were lost out at sea and ended up here on the island. Remembering what I saw on our way from the airport to the resort, I had noticed the island was very poor, many shelters that are built by the native people living hear were built with what ever they can find and that’s when I realized those shelters were built with whatever is washed up on shore.

A short while later as I was walking I saw ahead of me fallen dead trees that blocked my way. I had to make a decision to climb over the branches and tree trunks or go around them through the water. That side of the island of which we stayed laid in the water hundred’s of sea urchins, we were told back at the resort the white ones won’t harm you but to stay away from the black one’s as they are very poisonous. There were many obstacles through my adventurous walk, some I climbed over and some I went around.

With the thrill, excitement, and emotions that came rushing through me as I was walking, it felt to me that I was the first man ever to walk that part of the earth. Exhilaration of joy came rushing into me, I was feeling like I was Alive like I never felt before, I was feeling Powerful, I was feeling magnificent. I started taking off my close, I wanted to be naked through this unbelievable experience. It is an experience I treasure inside of me for always and forever.

At the time of my life I am sharing with you, I felt the Power of my soul the inner “I” of who I am connecting with the Universe. I was all alone just me and earth and during this walk I was yelling out loud “Thank you!, Thank you!” with full exhilaration from my heart coming from my voice.

Ever since I was a small child I have seen visions and thoughts of being the last man standing, being a survivor, having this power of unknown. And when the realities of this experience came to present, I have awaken to understand that our thoughts, visions, and dreams we have do come true.

Today I have wishes of one day I will be living in the Caribbean, the place I was meant to be!
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Thank you wiseowl, you always know the right words

I enjoyed this post..There's nothing like feeling free and alive. Not just the everyday stuff..something new and delicious..Wonderful..thank you.