It's horrid! I have felt very faint on a number of occasions. I wont go through them all but i will go through the main ones. I was at school once, i wasn't feeling well and had been off the day before. I went to school thinking "i'll be ok", when infact i was deffinetly not. I was standing up in singing and i suddenly got that I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA BE SICK feeling. I didn't phisically feel so sick though, it was kinda like a OMG feeling. It went away, like a cramp might, and i was like few, it's gone, i did my singing solo and all went fine, but no it didn't. I suddenly got the pains again, my head started spinning like crazy, i was so dizzy, i felt so disoriented, i. Then the bad part. I started feeling very, very hot, like that feeling when you are in a roasting room, like a restaurant kitchen, and i felt like my legs were going underneath me. I was thinking, i'm gonna faint, oh no. I'm seriously gonna faint. I whispered to my friend that i felt faint, the memories after that are slightly blurry, but i was still conscious. My friend told my teacher and he let me sit down. I was so hot, even though i wasn't waring a jumper at all, my teacher told my friend to take me to the school office, there was no medical room..., and she did. Walking was difficult, i felt uncoordinated, disoriented and generally sick. I finally got to the office, the school admins helped me sit down, then, i lost all memory for a few seconds, i think i did faint, and then i had 3 teachers helping me off the seat, and to a long one, ware i could lie down, they put a box under my feet, called my parents and got me a drink of water. My mum came to pick me up, and took me straight to the doctors ware she made an emergency appointment, wich i got. I felt like i was gonna be sick, i had a headache and stomach ache. When i went in to the doctors, i had my blood pressure taken, but as i hate needles they didn't do anything else. This was before 10 am, i went home with my mum, and went to my bed, watched some TV and didn't get up again until 2 pm. My mum thought i had some kind of virus, because i was feeling dizzy and sick for 1 or 2 days after this, my most frightening episode. I still, 2 years after this, havn't found out what caused this very draining and frightening experience.
I was working in class, i was doing ok, apart from being sent home 2 days before for some quite serious dizziness. I had gone back to school, feeling compleatly fine, better than i had ever felt at that particular time. I was working on something, but all the time, starting to feel that same cramp like pain in my stomach. I often ignore things like this as i think they will go away, and any sane person would have thought i would recognise the pain from my previous episode. But, me being me, i did not. I was working fine, but all this time, i was starting to get dizzy again. I didn't want to tell because i didn't want to get sent home again. But then, that feeling of excessive heat returned to me. The disorientation, feeling sick, and everything. My head flopped backwards and i had to tell my teacher, who got me out of the class safely. I went to the office again, and they put paper towels, wet, on my head and neck, i was so hot, i was probobly be pretty high on a thermometer skale. I was lying there, legs up, wet paper towells on my head, feeling pretty silly at that. But atleast it made me able to think straight and breathe slower. My mum was called again and i was sent home, didn't go back to the doctors or school for a few more days.
More recently, i was in the shower, i "thought" it was at an ok temp, but i was starting to feel very dizzy when i was washing my hair, i washed myself, rinced my hair, but by this point, i was starting to get the pains, wich this time i recognised, and i turned the temprature to freezing. When i was done showering, i got out, and then it just hit me. a huge heatwave. I was so hot, i had to just sit down on the shower floor, i mannaged to stand up and dry myself somehow, but once i put my pyjamas on, i had to lie down, or i would still have fainted. I did, but didn't feel compleatly myself, the faintness kinda went, to the point where i could stand up without feeling like i was being pulled to the floor. I went to bed and got sleep, and in the morning, i still wasn't right, feeling dizzy when ever i sat up or stood up. My mum made me go to school, i had told her about this, and i did, but had to do running :( and felt even worse than in the morning for the rest of the day.
They were the 3 most frightening for me, i'd say the first one was the worst, but the second and third were the same.
I still get dizzy sometimes, in hot rooms ETC, but nowhere near what i used to get.
Elle2002 Elle2002
18-21, F
Aug 30, 2014