Today I Felt God And It Was The Most Amazing Feeling In The World.

I had a rough morning, I'm not going to lie,  ready to throw in the towel. I spoke to the heavens and let them know that they failed, that my life would always be in limbo that I would never accept the life plan handed to me, that they could send me back a thousand times and I would never be able to handle what they had put on my plate. After hours of crying I fell asleep, I woke up and decided to at least attempt a few hours at school.  I drive a scooter to school and it was raining pretty hard when i headed off, then there on the main street up in the sky was the most beautiful patch of blue and the sun that seem to just burst out of the clouds and lite me up, it was such an intense feeling I started to cry . Stopped at a light I looked all around and the sky was dark and grey and it only seemed that the sun was shining on me. I felt God's grace and his love ran so deep through me, it was what I was waiting for my whole life, to feel his presence. I have no family, and was pretty much born into the world without parents, I needed this, or I couldn't go on another day. But I felt him today, and his love for me was so strong. Thanks for letting me share, God Bless.

MyOnlyFather MyOnlyFather
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

wow, that was powerful. i remember times like that.

Huggs :)