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My Friend's Hot Wife

I have a mind blowing experience to share here. this is the first time ever this happened to me and my buddy involved too. so this man and i go back a decade as best friends and we both are married to our respective spouses. He has a fantasy of sharing and showing off his sexy wife to strangers and in public (he had been taking her to clubs wearing no panties etc OR showing off at the beaches so far) but he wanted to take it a notch higher for kicks. He told me about this a few times and he is looking to do more with her like letting another man touch her or grope her. We had an idea that, doing so with a stranger might be risky or can turn awkward so why not i be his cool stranger for his fantasies. And so begins making a **** of his darling little wife..

He sends me her pictures in different poses and dresses and i send him comments on how i like her in that pic. This was giving him great kicks and he kept taking more pics in erotic poses. Man, she is hot, she has got a perfect round pair of breasts with striking dark brown nipples. She is short, but stocky with fleshy thighs and hot back. This built a lot of heat in me (common guys this is wife of my best friend and i have known her for 5 years now and never looked below the eye and now suddenly i see her hot naked bod and this is driving me nuts is an understatement). One day he sent me a pic of her and then made her call me and talk on phone. Here i just watched her in lingerie and then i am having a friendly conversation with her on phone. my throat was choking i almost imagined she got out of shower naked and calling me. I ended the conversation gracefully. She is completely unaware of any of this or 2 of us will be killed. One day he invited me over to his place while his sweet little sexy wife is not home, he has shown me her pics, fully naked ones and god i was horny now to touch her and more. I could feel her ***** was right on my face so close on his computer screen. He gave me a few of her used panties and i smelled them and rubbed in my face (i personally love smelling panties and women body smell, the more the merrier). His wife had come home sooner than expected so we had to end it but anyway still I went home and ******* like never before.

One night few of us friends went to a busy bar with a small dance floor. This was not planned for anything sexual, we keep going out to clubs and dinners so nothing new. this is a bustling place, we have been there a lot of times before and everyone is having fun. He and his wife were dancing, and few others too. I was there myself having a drink next to them, the other friends left the bar and went for a smoke. so just 3 of us were, he was dancing with his wife and they were intimate and kissing so she did not notice me being behind them. He taps my hand (he was facing me and his wife and facing opposite hugging him). He nudges me to grab her, his plan is she will think its him. He had 2 hands on her ***, and he took one off and asked me to squeeze it. **** that was hot, i slowly put my palm on her bun and squeezed it over her jeans. she was still dancing as usual so we went further and i squeezed her few times. Now he asks me to take my hand inside her pants, my heart was racing. There are people on the floor, no one was staring but its obvious what we are doing. i was hesitating but he signaled me to do it and so i did. I slid my hand into her pants with my palm touching her skin just as if the motion if he slides his hand over her back. this was seriously hot, i could feel her soft *** and her warm panties and i squeezed her butt. she cringed a bit and tightened her muscles so her *** felt a little harder than it would be. I took my hand out and my buddy signaled to go again (this bastard has some balls). I was **** scared, what if she turns around and finds her man's best friend is fondling her ***. Anyway i went again and this time further down her *** into her crack, god it felt warm there (i love the warmth of asscrack, i am a huge assman so anyway). I almost went till her ***** lips and took it out. They were still kissing and he gave me a hifi that we pulled it off. After that i went to mens room and sniffed my fingers so i could feel her smell, it was just too hot. after that we drank more and went home. Next day he sent me a few pics, guess what he asked where his hand touched her *** in the club and she has shown him and took pictures of her showing her *** where he (read I ) touched her. I ******* next day thinking of this event.

my friend got few more ideas of how to exploit his wife and i will be his wingman in doing so. i will write my next experience soon.
anakedmind anakedmind 26-30, M 13 Responses Jan 16, 2012

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lucky man....thats a great story..

Great story hope you had a few more since that day

very hot story


Nice... I gues you guys should do a MMF one day

Wirte soon

great wing man

Very hot! Mine doesn't go that far, but I was talking to my neighbor one day. We got to talking about **** and he mentioned that he doesn't like the commercial stuff, but the amateur ones. I said that we had made some home movies and he said "I'd love to see those". I thought for a second and said "well, that could be arranged, I suppose". His eyes widened, as I knew he had the hots for my wife.

A couple weeks later, I got together some videos and still pics of her naked and doing other stuff. I went over to his place and said "I've got some stuff you may be interested in seeing". He said "oh yeah, what?" I said "remember we were talking about the amateur videos"?

So I pulled out several pics of her, then we went to his computer and I showed him all kinds of video's of her playing with herself, etc. He just kept saying "Nice, very nice".
I told him from then on, whenever he sees her or talks to her, it will be like he has xray vision, since he knows exactly how she looks underneath her clothes.

ya thats awesome, my friend gets a kick too when i talk to her knowing that i have seen her many pics and grabbed her *** in the club

thx bro

super story...this seems so much like something a lot of us want to do and have come close to doing...surely will try this in next few months...cheerz

This is very hot. Love to hear where it ends up

Build it up - could be hot fun!!

Sounds like fun, I bet it was a thrill feeling her up while your friend urged you on. Can't wait to hear what happens next time...