My First Mothers Day. An Experience I Won't Soon Forget

So today my son is 9 months old. Today is my first mothers day. I don't honestly know why I'm surprised, given that my husband doesn't believe in valentines day or my birthday or even anything to do with me. I got up this morning to my son screaming his lungs out. My husband grumbled and rolled over. Go deal with him, he says. So I get up, play with my son for a few hours and put him down for a nap. Then crawl into bed next to my sleeping husband. Aren't you going to get up he asks? So I get up go shower and get dressed. He's still snoring. Head downstairs make my own breakfast and prep my little ones bottles. I hear the shower upstairs. Hubby is awake. My son wakes up. Go to get him. Hubby comes down. What's for breakfast? Oh you didn't make me anything, selfish b****h. He makes himself a coffee and heads out for a smoke. I feed my son. My hubby walks in all smiles on his face. He's on the phone with his mom and sister. He remembered to wish them
Daashiki Daashiki
31-35, F
May 13, 2012