I Felt Like I Was Going To Be Kidnapped

So my best friend and I were in 6th grade, and her house was a few blocks away from Walgreens. So we got some money, and walked down to Walgreens. We were having fun for awhile and just goofing off. We found some hairspray that we wanted to use to dye our hair pink. We were calling her mom to ask if it'd be okay. Her mom was having a hard time understanding us, so my friend yelled 'No Mom! It's not permanent!' and these two guys(idk 16, 17) turned and looked at us. I told them, I said 'sorry she's weird' and then they gave me weird looks. We continued talking then hung up. We walked into an aisle and were looking at something when the guys walked up to us. One of them was like 'Hey how old are you?' he said looking at me. Of course, I was young and stupid, so I told him honestly, 12. He said 'Oh, I'm 13, and my friend here is 14.' I looked at my friend, and I could see in her eyes that she didn't believe it either. They looked 16 at the youngest. He then said 'Do you guys live around here?' and my friend blurted out, 'No! We're vacationing here from Washington'. I admired the way she said it, sounded so real. 'Oh' he said. They both walked away. They were dressed in camo, had camo painted on their faces, and were bald. My friend noticed a badge on their jackets that stated 'Junior Marine Force' or something like that. She knew though that they were training for the military, because her dad worked with training junior marines. We walked away because now we were a little afraid. They kept appearing in every aisle we were in, so we got really scared, and decided to just buy what we had and leave. OF COURSE, they got in line right behind us. I swear one of them touched my butt, and they kept looking at us. One of them whispered 'I like the blonde one, and I think she's easy' and they both laughed. I was the blonde one. My friend and me payed, and immediatly called her Dad to get us. We were NOT walking home. Her dad said to wait inside the store until he got there. We watched the two guys go outside, and burst into tears. They hopped on bikes (which was reassuring), and rode around the parking lot in circles, like they were waiting for us. After about five minutes, the talkative one stopped and motioned us to come to him. A few minutes later, her dad showed up, and when we ran to him, the two boys were *snap* gone. We had escaped them. We told her Dad that they were junior marines, and her dad said if we had gotten their names, he could've kicked them out of the junior marines for harrassing children, but unfortunetly, we didn't.
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Sep 17, 2012