Yes I Did

I was never comfortable with the way I looked as a kid. I always felt out of place---a nerdy dorky kid. I would get tongue tied around girls which just further reinforced that I looked ugly.
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I don't feel very attractive even now. I started wearing glasses when i was in 3rd grade...the same year my hair was cut waaaaaay short by my dad because we had lice. i had acne in jr. high and high school, and greasy dark blonde hair with my half broken glasses. We wore hand-me-down clothes that weren't always clean. i am 30 now, and feel like i can see the beautiful woman inside that i was supposed to be if i had only been raised to see it all along. I wasn't taught about hair, make-up, and nails...or even the birds and the bees. I was sheltered and treated like a little kid most of my years at home and never allowed to go socialize at friend's houses or anywhere else to learn the ways of the world. To this day i struggle socially, and wish i hadn't had to learn so many things the hard way...

Okay--try being a 5'8" tall scrawny girl in elementary school--then have it progress through junior high and high school--try never being asked to a prom--having your two oldest brothers take you out onthe evening of your prom so you didn't feel like an outkast--oh we've all been there--it hurts like a son of a gun--but we grow, we learn, then we become who we are true to ourselves with the reality of I am what I am--I am me--if you don't like me--well--see ya!!! Takes some of us longer to get there--but when it does--we're good--