Tickling My Sister In Law - In Order To Feel Her Up

My sister in law went through an intensely flirty phase when she was 17. When i was staying over at her parents house - she would wear skimpy pjs - or just long shirts w/o a bra containing her nice perky C cup breasts and just tiny panties on below. She was eager to engage in tickle fights and wrestle whenever we were out of sight of others - and put up a good fight. Good enough that my hands could easily migrate all over her body feeling her up - without seeming like i was doing it on purpose.

Her night shirt would ride up past her belly button flashing her panties. When i tickled her arm pits - she squeezed her arms together so my hands would be pressed hard against her breasts. She pushed back against my raging hard on - and straddled me or let her legs part when i was on top of her so my **** pressed hard against her panty covered *****. When i tickled under her shirt - she made sure to reward me with a feel of her bare breasts.

She as very naughty - and i loved it.

We never went all the way - but the teasing and the fooling around did become very obvious - but neither of us ever formally recognized what was going on -- we both played innocent and enjoyed it. Since that time - the flirting has become more subtle - but still happens - 18 years later. I have seen her nude a few times - and returned the favor :)
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As I read this Story I was suffering in great excstasy.

Did her Hands every stray over your body?

That's SO hot!

wow! I wish I had a sister in law.