Lesson Learned

This guy I was seeing made me feel so bad about myself that I still haven't gotten over it. I only told my sister and my best friend and I can't face telling anyone else. It's probably not as bad as some people may think, but I never came across someone who made me feel the way he did (it is my fault as I let him). In a way it taught me a lesson, I need to know what I'm worth. I will never let anyone I am with disrespect me or treat me in a way that I don't deserve. "I'm much too good for that."

Lonneke Lonneke
22-25, F
6 Responses Apr 26, 2007

Good for you! :D And maybe, with your new-found self-respect and determination, you can help others out of similar situations :)

I'm glad you told your sister and bf, so they can show you just how full of awesomeness you are, everyday! the jerk doesnt know what he missed out on. =>

Kudos! Stay strong. -RDW

YOU GO GIRL!! Patt yourself on your back, some women NEVER learn this lesson and many don't until they are 50!! CONGRATS, but a crappy lesson to learn!!

I know exactly what you mean, I was in a very similar situation. Poeple who are condescending, actually despise themselves so much that they feel the need to belittle others so they feel (you) are on par with their low mentality. They inhibit your true-self and thats a tragedy, because you deprive your loved ones of your genuine-self and it incontrovertibly corrodes your self-esteem. I am so happy that you let that loser go.<br />
I think it's time we start a revolution where we start loving every atom of our self! Amen to that.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Everybody takes things differently so some might find it not bad at all while others may find it terrible. Anyway, it will be hard to get over but the person who treats you right will make you feel that much better. :)