I feel like many people have forgotten about me, and I currently fear that my best friend will soon forget me as well. She is moving to another state for college and she has already made many friends that will be going to the same school with her. Its been a few months ago that she got accepted to the school that she wanted to go to and ever since than i feel like i'm losing her. Most of her attentions goes to the new friends she has made. Don't get me wrong I am happy that she got accepted to the school that she's wanted to go to and that she's happy. Its just that we don't even talk much anymore like she's forgotten me, or will soon forget me. I just can't shake this feeling off that some day I will be forgotten by everyone... I just don't really stand out, or i'm just not noticeable.
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Well the thing is my best friend doesn't plan on coming back; not for holidays or vacation. So the only way we'd see each other is if I go and see her, which would be kind of tough but that doesn't mean I won't try. I had 2 close friends last year who only went an hour away to college i visited them once in a while but they change.. but i guess everyone changes... and we are no longer as close as we use to be... But i guess all i can do is try to keep in touch and hope for the best. I know my friend will do great in college, and I don't wish anything but the best for her.

i am also in this condition also,,,,,,bt the thing is that i am going out for college,,,,,,,,bt i dnt have frnds ther,,,,,,,,she is here in other college wth her boyfriend,,,and she njoys a lot,,,,i am very happy for i also fear the fact the she will forget me as i will leave,,,,,,,,althouh she says she likes me a lot,and m everythng for her,,,,,,,bt i have started felling things changing b/w me and her,,,,,,,,,,nw she dnt have mch time for me,,,,,as earlier she used to have,,,,,,,,,,and i dnt knw wat to do to get her attention back,,,,,,,,,,,

When I was younger I had a best friend that went off to Collage. His school was weird (GMI in Flint Michigan) that it went for 3 months then he came back home for 3 months. I always worried like you are now that he would out grow me simply because he went to collage and I didn't. Every time he came home though he called me the very same day and picked me up to hang out. Yes he made other friends and some of them he calls his best friend. I have learned to be ok with that. At one point he and his family moved to Florida and I was certain I lost my best friend all over again. A few years later though he is now back in Denver and living just a few miles from me. When I went through my divorce it was him and his wife that took me in to help me get back on my feet. <br />
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If you want to remain friends do things for you friend like write letters, send emails, and such. But the best thing you can do is let your friend grow. Allow your friend to befriend others. Over time it will pay off! In the mean time keep yourself open always for making new friends.