You Forgot About Me.

 I felt in my heart

your blue eyes sparkle

bright and alive

seemingly knowing me

very deeply

extinguished snuffed

kisses forgotten

shallow and sheared

from your heart


I simply went mad

white walls bright white

snow staring blankly

stinging my eyes

that love color.


A cute Craftsman house

with lots of gingerbread

on the beach

water and sun

The sand, it's own white,

beautiful, colorlessness

precious like diamonds

drinking deeply

such painful emotions

delivered to me.


Yes, early in life.

Childhood torture and ache

powerfully, intentionally


never to reappear again.


Invitations to step onto another's ship

excitement shoots through my body

loneliness gone, my skin bronzed

Cuban and American Indian Heritage

tequila and lime flowing

sails whipping, flapping loudly

warm wind speed

pulled by seagulls

dolphins laughing

friends, family and possibly someone

that loves ME.

AmethystQueen57 AmethystQueen57
51-55, F
Feb 8, 2010