Many people have forgotten about me. So many people who said they never would. I guess it happens. Even the nicest people you could hope to meet have forgotten..

Arorin Arorin
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You went away for a long time, and I saw you said you had like 1000 messages in your inbox or something. I didnt want to add onto that. I get maybe like 5 or so a day so hit me up for a chat when ever you want. You know I am here.

I don't want to forget you but I also do not want to bother you with my problems.

Thanks TendereyesPrincess.

You are probably right thanks.

That was a pretty long break though, usually when something like that happens i think something very bad has happened to them, Most times i think they may have died. All i can do is move on from there and accept i will never talk to them again and hope they are at least safe, but i would never know. You are the first of many to ever come back.

yeah, because all i wanted was just to take a break, that's all. i know that i'd be back soon. things have been crazy the past months.<br />
<br />
if i would have to leave EP for good, i would definitely let you know guys.

You never did say goodbye though. Was just up and gone without a word.

i may not be around all the time, but i'm always here for you. i came back... and that's all because of special friends like you.<br />
<br />
loyalty is all that i can give.

sure thing

Thanks Mary

Yeah i know you are around and i haven't forgotten you either.

Arorin, I hope that I am not someone you think has forgotten about you,,,I know that we do not talk much,,,however I do like the conversation we have had,,,I believe that you are a realist in that you see people for what they have become within this world,,,and what you may see is maybe not so friendly,,,,Please anytime I could intrest you in a chat please drop me a note,,,,I am loyal to the lion,,,you are my friend,,,Love and Light Mary

same to you

I can't waste any time to feel sorry about it. Just gotta keep on and see where life takes me.

Even if i told you their names you wouldn't know anything about them. Plus there are a lot of people. Would take some time to do so, but it isn't talking i want from my friends just loyalty.