Over Her Knee

My wife is also my disciplinarian. She began spanking me for my petulant outbursts and roving eye long before we were married 7 years ago. The amazing thing I have discovered is that so many guys, single and married, actually envy me the fact that I am often over my wife's knee, receiving her correction with my pants down as her hairbrush plays its stinging symphony on my reddening cheeks. They write, "You are so lucky!" I get the brush or even the paddle because I have earned every tanning that I ever got. Never thought of it as enviable, however. Maybe there is a naughty little boy in lots of us men, craving the discipline we can only obtain from a no-nonsense wife or gf that will not hesitate to bare our bottoms and administer painful lessons whenever necessary. One thing I can be sure of: when my wife tells me that my pants are coming down if I don't stop whatever is displeasing her, I know she means business. I feel like a naughty boy THIS close to being taken to the woodshed. And it has resulted in a very happy marriage overall.
Anybody else with a similar perspective? Would love to hear from gentlemen and ladies with relevant experience.

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My wife is the same way. She gave me my first spanking on our 6 month anniverssery. I have always had a spanking fetish and dreamt of being spanked over the knee of a strict woman.
Now as we have been married for 10 years I still get spanked over her knees with a wooden bathbrush when I feel that I need it to happen. But years ago my wife began using bare bottom spankings as a way to discipline me when I act out, misbehave or am rude towards her.
It is wonderful for me to have her take charge at home and discipline me when I get out of line. I will prefere to take a good hard spanking over her knees anytime, than to have huge arguments.

A Woman definitely should be in charge of the family - all of it and the discipline too. The stricter the better. That is the way O/our marriage was founded and it DEFINITELY works. I encourage ALL Women to take charge.

Regular spanking are necessary to keep the vast majority of men in line.

Thanks, Jamie. Not everybody understands why it works but it does for many couples. More than most people would imagine!