Over Her Knees And With Her Hairbrush

My Beautiful Mistress asked me to post this story for the group.
The other day she discovered me ************ in the shower without her permission; she just pulled the shower curtain and found me stroking my lathered erection in near climactic bliss. Although I tried to hide the evidence from her, it was too late.
My Beautiful Mistress did not scream or hit me; in fact she seemed a bit amused. She very coolly told me to shower off the soap, dry off and come to her office. She told me not to bother to get dressed.
I still was mostly erect when I entered her office and found her seated on an armless chair with her hair brush in her hand. She was dressed in a white sleeveless blouse and a black skirt that was hiked up to reveal her beautiful naked thighs. Slapping the back of the brush on her opened hand she calmly explained that if I was going to act like an oversexed disobedient adolescent schoolboy, she will punish me like I was one.
Her demeanor now changed. “Get your *** over here on my lap!” she ordered, patting her thighs with her free hand. I understood what she wanted and reluctantly complied; trying to appear unconcerned and cool but feeling my heart pound and my erection stiffen. Awkwardly I positioned myself on her lap, feeling my stiffened sex press on her thigh and wondering if she noticed it. She, however, was more concerned about the position of my *** and supervised several readjustments until she was fully satisfied that it was up high and ready for her. My face was now by the floor and I noticed that she was barefoot. There were the beautiful manicured toes she so loved to have me kiss, lick and suck and those perfect feet she let me massage. But now I could only look at them as I wait for my Beautiful Mistress to  start.
“For this you will get 40” she announced. She must have sensed my surprise at the harsh sentence. “Do you have any questions?”
“No Mistress”, I demurely replied.
With that she gave me the first, with a dull slap that was quickly followed by a burning in my ***. After waiting a few seconds she gave me a second and then a third. Now, the blows came in rapid succession setting my buttock on fire. Then, the barrage suddenly stopped.
My Mistress ran her hand over my burning ***, feeling the heat and admiring the red blush. “That’s 20”, she announced. 
“Oh, Mistress no more, please”, I heard myself say despite my attempting to act cool and take it like a man.
But there was no reprieve. The blows came fast again and I found myself holding my breath and tightening all my muscles in an effort not to cry out.
When she finally did stop, she let me remain in that position as she again admired her handiwork. I found that as I relaxed my muscles the burning began to melt into a rather pleasant tingling sensation; it was like afterglow but from a good spanking.
Finally, she had me stand up and, putting two fingers under my scrotum of my now tamed manhood said “this thing belongs to me, old man, and you must not touch it without my permission; understood?”
I told her I did and she allowed me to get dressed and go to work. Needless to say, for the rest of the day every time I tried to sit, I was constantly reminded of my transgression and of my Beautiful and kind Mistress... and I didn't think about ************ that whole day.  
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Sounds perfect to me. Couldn't ask for more could you... though I suppose you could - 60 perhaps?