My Younger Sister Dominating Me

I am 18 years old and two years older than my sister. The embarrassing part is that she's physically stronger than me and she often bullies me. What's even more embarrassing is that she me share all this. She would often flex her bicep in my face to remind of how stronger she is despite of being two years younger. She would do that to make me realize where I stand. When her friends are over, she would make cook stuff for her and her friends. To add further insult to my embarrassment she would tell me to arm wrestle her which I would always lose or even twist my arms. She has embarrassed me to such an extent that I've become numb. She ordered me to take a picture of my biceps and post it here. Its in my album. My sister's biceps' pic is also there.

Toole Toole
18-21, M
May 10, 2012