I Am The Reason You Exist

I "A Strong Woman" am the reason weak men like you exist on this earth. Without strong women like me...you would be nothing. I'm here to teach you my ways and guide you down the path of submissive bliss. Trying to make your own choices in life will only leave you in ruin, but Goddess Ayanna will help you fill the void that keeps you up at night. You NEED me.
GoddessAyanna GoddessAyanna
18-21, F
6 Responses May 17, 2012

Yes. Yes I do need you. I am weak and of a weak soul. Please guide me Goddess Ayanna.


Yes please

You're so right. I do need you. Please feel free to demand of me whatever you wish...

Call me

Damn I'm in love

You can dominate me anytime baby