Mistress Has Her Way With Me

It was mid August 2012. Long hot dry summer and work was getting to be a *****. i asked my Mistress, "if i got a room in Sioux Falls could we play on Thursday night?" (we live 2.5 hours apart, both work long hours and She has a roommate) She said, "yes, bring your *******, toys and ropes, cuz i'm going to **** the hell out of you". This wasn't Her normal tone, She's kinda shy, but always has a Dominant air about Her. i was excited to say the least!

So i pull into town about 1pm that Thursday. Check into my hotel and begin preparing for Mistress. Douched really really good, shaved my body, good long hot shower, put on some nice girly smelling lotion, fresh toenail polish, then a new nighty and my new high wedged sandals. She arrived at about 6pm, as i opened the door for Her She roughly grabbed me and kissed me so hard! "you look beauitful *****". She broke our kiss and embrace and sat on the edge of the bed. i fetched Her a beer and sat beside Her as She drank it quite quickly(She's a tomboy/farmgirl part man i think...lol) i got Her another, leaned in and kissed Her again. She cut the kiss short and told me to get Her undressed. Of course i did as i was told. Once naked, we made out some more, our hands all over our bodies, kissing madly. I knew what She liked from our previous times together and started kissing my way down Her body, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling until i reached Her breasts, then sucked, and played with Her nipples for the amount of time She liked, and continued my journey to Her *****. I had spent about an hour there and was getting a little tired but determined to keep going. This was a long time for Her, but i didn't mind :) She had *** several times so i was happy that i was pleasing Her. Suddenly She sat up! It startled me so i back off in confusion. "stand up and get naked *****, you're gettin ******!" Of course i did as i was told! Slipping off my nightie, then panties, then sandals, i stood there naked. Suddenly i was nervous! i looked down and my penis was nearly inverted,(it does that when i get nervous) She saw it and smiled. She's not one for humiliation, but an honest one, stating "that lil thing is just a **** and that's why you're my *****". She had never spoken to me like that, i was loving it!

So we get Her into the *******(pics of that coming when i get enough tokens), get a couple towels, the lube, toys and rope. Oh and we can't forget the rubber gloves. LOL She hates the feeling of lube on Her hands. We discover that the beds in the hotel won't accomodate tying so we skip that. She instructs me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, squirts some lube on my butt hole and starts fingering me. One finger, two fingers..........mmmmmmmmmmm.....in and out, in and out, moaning, writhing, pushing back into Her fingers. "oh my god that feels great Mistress, can't believe two fingers feels so good! She laughs and says, "it's four fingers you *****" I chuckle and go back to moaning and being a ****. She then gets out a toy. It's a big black thing about eighteen inches long, with bulbs that get bigger as it gets toward the base. The first two bulbs slip in easily because of the finger *******, the third is about eight inches in and took a little pressure but popped in fairly easily. The fourth and fifth didn't go so easy and She had to back it off a couple times, finally got them. (the pics on my profile are this toy, the phone died and Hers takes ****** pics so we didn't get any ******* ******* pics). My lil **** was dripping precum like mad, She'd occassionally try to wipe it off and feed it to me. She quickly pulls the toy out, which is a combination of heaven and hell when it's done that way. "Take a smoke and beer break *****, you're doing great!" She states as She gets us a beer. We make a lil small talk while i smoke and we drink.

So far about two and half hours had passed and it had been all heaven to me. The smiles on Her face were telling me She enjoyed it too. With me crushing out my smoke She says "on your back *****". i lay down and before i have a chance to lift my legs She has them in Her hands, raising and spreading them, lets one go and grabs the lube, squirts it on, tosses the lube and regains hold, spreading my legs almost painfully wide. She slides it in the full nine inches in one moderate movement, i moan and squirm in pleasure and just a touch of pain as the large toy opens me up inside. She holds that position, resting my feet on Her shoulders, reaching down for my ****, smiling and giving it a few strokes, kinda giggles then playfully slaps it, not saying anything outloud, but with a look of "what's the use" on Her face. She begins ******* me, then pounding me hard, everytime i open my eyes the biggest smile i've seen on anybody in years. Breasts flopping with each thrust, sweat forming on Her body. She handles me to me side without missing s troke, slaps my *** HARD a few times, all the while ramming my manpussy. She's alot bigger and stronger than me and has no problem just throwing me into any position She wants. Every which way, sometimes She'd slow down and kiss me, alternating between rough and slow and loving, just like Her ******* strokes. i'm not sure how long this went on really. Maybe an hour and a half, maybe a little more, but it was wonderful!

When She had had enough, i was exhausted, so was She, we were both covered in sweat, the room smelled like wet ***** and precum. Sounds kinda sickening now, but at the time it was hot! LOL. We both fell asleep, Her holding me, me curled into Her like a lil girl.

Hope you enjoyed, i know i did! :)

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