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I am a Female, married to a wonderful man.  We practice FD and have a Matriarchy marriage.  He is submissive and we practice BDSM as well.  I am learning more and more as time goes by and loving all of it.

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You guys are lucky thanks for sharing I would love to serve a woman

Hi, couple here in similar situation, she is 28, bi, dominant, he 22, bi. Please add us. Tutorme (Lisa and jon)

You need a real man; you need to cook and clean for him!

A real man? Why am I any better at cooking or cleaning than he is? Because that is what you have been brainwashed to think? Grow up and get away from me.

I agree, a real man would be one who does whatever the woman who owns him tells him to do.

one lucky man is all i can say without knowing you. I love being with a woman that is in charge and knows what she needs.... men if you'd only relalize this fact that women are truly the superior sex,

thank you. :D I would love if there were more men like this out there, and women to take charge of it. I'm not sure why more women do not take up the reins and be the best they can be. Who knows, maybe they will. :D

Lets hope this trend continues as more and more realize women are truly superior. Men,,,, listen and respect ALL Women!

i need a women to make me her pet and be in control of me.

Mother-in-law's must also be obeyed as of course wives too. A husband SHOULD shut up and listen to his mother-in-law and wife because they are the women of the house, if your WIFE scolds you then understand why she is upset. It is our duty to submit to their needs, I have learned this the hard way. Women always win. Women must be obeyed if you want your marriage to succeed. Women have power over men and those men who exert power simply lose at the end. The only marriages that are truly happy ones are the ones in which the man learns his place and shuts up. You wife has all the rights and you have her shoes to lick, and her arm-pits IF you are lucky. She may even give her love to you if you submit to her. SHE RULES !!! I always seek her approval and love by submitting to her without condition. It is not easy at first. She has made me get injections for misbehavior and I will post my entire story one day. The needles were humiliating but necessary and now I see it her way and only her way. My opinions DO NOT matter. Hers are supreme. The mother-in-law also is supreme. I have massaged my mother-in-law's feet when I visited her two years back. She expects me to serve her daughter.

Thank you for your comment. What you are describing is female supremacy. I am glad that you feel like you have found a place in the world to be happy and content. I hope that you do post your story, and that I will be able to read it if you do. Your dedication and passion are beautiful. Thanks again. xo

I want to be dominated by petite demanding woman. I don't know why I have this fantasy, i am looking for it, is this normal.

I understand. :) You are not alone. I feel that in this day and age, what is considered "normal" is highly underrated. I feel that no matter what, things like this are never really going to be publicly accepted, but that many many people desire the same things that you do. A simple search on the internet will prove that to you. :) I think you should go for what you want, we all deserve to be happy in our own special way. If it helps, I demand that you go out and find this girl for yourself, and make sure that you treat her like a queen. xo

I have been in to being controlled sexually by women for a long time and still enjoy taking part in this erotic life style. What turns you on most .

The helplessness is a big one, though I like a man to be manly and masculine and submit to me because he wants to. It makes it sexier for me. I like the look and the thought of a very masculine man being submissive to me.

In fact it should be the way of live for all men so that there will be no cheatings.

Sounds like an ideal situation for both of you, your pet should be very happy to belong to you.

thank you. :)

sounds very inspiring

I have considered it, but I lean more towards the pet type of husband, rather than a sissy maid type. I like the idea of my men being manly and strong, and submitting it all to me.

You have achieved a utopia I believe. I am in search on my Sub and my utopia...

Your husband is a very lucky man! Have you considered feminizing him as well- making him into your girl??<br />
<br />
sissy jennifer

Yes, we do this now, he is changing every day.

i sincerely wish to be at feet of such goddess for a life time.

Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage.