A Different Lifestyle Than Most

 Giley here,      I was reading stories on domination, and Carol said, so far, everything we have read was about women who dominate men. What about the lesbians who dominate other lesbians,,,,,,,so, our story starts....

                                Many years ago, when I started to date other girls, i was always the dominate one in the relationship. That was the only way I wanted it, and would be the only way I would except it. For some, it seems to be more of a game, but to me it had to be a way of life.  I did not have any problem making the girl's I dated understand who was who, but it would be Carol who I would spend my life with. She would be taught how to speak to me, address and treat me in public, as well as the what, where and how in our home life. She would have to be taught that the S/M way of life would also be on of love, gentleness and devotion. There are no whips or chains, shocking, pain toys, etc. Nor, do I beat here into submission to obey me. She obeys me out the love and trust that I have earned through the years. We do most of the things that other people do, go out, have fun, laugh, but we just live a little different lifestyle than most. I am at times angry, difficult to handle, but she also has been taught how to deal with that to. On the other hand, through the years, this beautiful woman, has taught me a thing or two. How to have a sense of humor for one, how to be gentle with her when she does not feel well, { I don't except no for an answer },  I do not cook, clean or do the wash,,,,unless I choose to....that is also her job,,,not mine. We both have jobs, I am a Paint Chemist and she is a Paralegal for a Lawyer. I do, however, make it my job to see that she has everything that she needs and has as " normal " of a life than the next woman. We love each other very much, and I would not ever want anyone else nor would she every want to stray away from me.  She is not a woman who is down grated to a " slave " as in anything degrading. I do respect her as my loving partner and she knows that  I am the other part of her. When we are at home watching television, I sit on my chair or on the couch, and she sits on the floor next to me unless she is invited to do otherwise. Again, it seems strange to some who have been at the house, but they soon get used to the idea that the more they get to know us, the more they understand how we live.

I would really be interested, if there are other lesbian couples who read this, to tell us how they handle living with one Of them the " dominate " female of the family.

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very lucky

Thanks for your response. Giley

You're very lucky to have each other.